Maintenance & Repair


Initial + Follow-up – £70

Phone consultations available on request – MARCH 2020, more than happy to offer this option during Coronavirus period, as long as you can send photos, access email and of course, a phone.

Consultations include:

  • Analysis of pre – consultation questionnaire – including relevant test results : bloods, insulin etc & a diet diary, enabling me to prep for your specific health goals
  • In depth one to one consultation – information gathering regarding your health & lifestyle, current and past.
  • A personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan to include: dietary recommendations (including where to buy foods), recipes, lifestyle suggestions, supplements (if necessary) and fact sheets

Follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks later to review progress, make adjustments and move forward.


For those with long-term health problems who feel they may require more frequent support and motivation in order to reach their health goals, I also offer a variety of packages, please ask.

Gift cards

Support some one you love with the gift of enhanced health.  Ask for details

Please note; all advice received does not substitute or replace medical advice. Please advise your medical practitioner of any dietary or lifestyle changes. No medication is to be stopped, increased or reduced unless directed by your medical practitioner at any stage.

Contact Juliette Bridge for a free, no obligation ten minute chat to discuss your needs.                         Call 07913 113 767.